Karina De Leon
Immigration Lawyer - Attorney at Law
Experience More than 15+ years


Karina De Leon – Attorney at Law

Karina brings a wealth of experience to the table, honed over fifteen years in both public service and private practice. Her career began within the Panamanian judicial system, where she spent eleven years working in various capacities for the Supreme Court of Panama. There Karina gained extensive knowledge of the court system through her roles at the First Court for Children and Adolescents, the Superior Court for Children and Adolescents, and as a Public Advocacy Assistant Defender.

Leveraging this experience, Karina transitioned to academia, serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Panama’s Faculty of Law and Political Science (San Miguelito Regional Center). There, she shared her legal expertise and passion for the law with the next generation of legal minds.

Currently, Ms. de Leon applies her comprehensive legal background to serve a diverse clientele. She takes on a wide range of cases, adeptly handling criminal defense, civil litigation, compliance issues, family law, immigration matters, and real estate transactions. Ms. de Leon is a trusted advisor, guiding her clients through every stage of the legal process, from initial consultations to navigating the court system and beyond. She meticulously executes all legal procedures, ensuring her clients’ rights are protected and their needs are met.

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