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A new solution proposed for drought-stricken Panama Canal goes around it

Innovative Bypass for Drought-Hit Panama Canal

As the Panama Canal grapples with a severe water crisis caused by..

'Panama Papers' trial starts 8 years after global scandal

‘Panama Papers’ Trial Begins 8 Years Post Scandal

Eight years after the Panama Papers scandal shook the world, the long-awaited..

Owning Property Under Your Name or Corporation

Real Estate: Own Under Name or Corporation in Costa Rica?

Deciding how to own property in Costa Rica can be an important..

Congress approves foreigners driver's license benefits

Costa Rica Congress Passes Foreigners’ Driver’s License Perks

The Costa Rica Congress has recently approved a bill that brings significant..

Fitch Downgrades Panama to 'BB+' - Outlook Stable

Fitch Downgrades Panama Credit Rating to ‘BB+’ with a Stable Outlook

Fitch Ratings has recently downgraded Panama’s credit rating from BBB- to BB+,..

Costa Ricans Resort to Loans for Basic Necessities

Costa Ricans Turn to Loans for Essentials

According to a study by the International Center for Economic Policy for..

Costa Rica Eases Driving License Rules for Visitors

Costa Rica Eases Driving License Rules for Visitors

The Legislative Assembly in Costa Rica has recently passed a bill to..

Costa Rica Cyclone Season

Costa Rica Prepares for Intense Cyclones in 2024

The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) predicts that the 2024 cyclone season in..

Longest Flights from Panama's International Tocumen Airport

Longest Flights from Panama’s International Tocumen Airport

Welcome to Panama’s International Tocumen Airport (PTY), the bustling hub that connects..

what to do if traffic police stops me

Know Your Rights: What to Do If Traffic Police Stops Me

If you are approached by traffic police while driving, it’s important to..

World Bank approves $350 million loan for Costa Rica

World Bank Approves $350M Loan for Costa Rica

The World Bank has recently approved a significant loan of $350 million..

Lower Cost of Airfare Within Central America proposed by Costa Rican Legislator

Initiative to Lower Cost of Central American Airfares

Costa Rican legislator, Eli Feinzaig, has proposed an initiative to see lower..

drowning island in panama

Vanishing Beauty of Panama’s Drowning Island

The small drowning island of Gardi Sugdub in the Caribbean of Panama..

Coffee farms groundbreaking transformation to sustainable production methods

Eco Revolution in Coffee Farms’ Production Methods

The coffee farms in Los Santos, Costa Rica, are undergoing a groundbreaking..

Costa Rica’s Traffic

Daily minor Crashes worsen Costa Rica’s Traffic

Traffic congestion in Costa Rica is a major concern for both residents..

RDU to Panama City

New Flights: RDU Travelers to Panama City Soon

Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) is excited to announce that Copa Airlines will..

Panama Currency: The Balboa and the U.S. Dollar

Panama Currency Guide: Balboa and U.S. Dollar

Welcome to our Panama Currency Guide, where we explore the unique monetary..

types of corporation

Types of Corporations: Choose Wisely for Success

When starting a business or investing in a specific industry, choosing the..

panama lagging behind in development of artificial intelligence companies

Panama lagging behind in Development of Artificial Intelligence Companies

Despite the global surge in artificial intelligence (AI) development, Panama has been..

Bill for Home-Grown Cannabis in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Bill for Home-Grown Cannabis Insights

The legalization of cannabis cultivation in Costa Rica has been the subject..

Costa Rica Coffee Pickers

Fair Wages Promise for Costa Rica Coffee Pickers

In the lush coffee plantations of Costa Rica, a dedicated workforce of..

First Quantum CEO: Panama’s next government cannot ignore mining sector

First Quantum CEO: Panama’s next Government must Embrace Mining Sector

According to First Quantum CEO, Tristan Pascall, it is crucial for Panama’s..

Airbnb currency charges

Airbnb issues crucial Alert on Currency Charges for Travelers

Airbnb has recently announced new changes regarding currency charges and fees that..

Ex-Panamanian President Martinelli receives Nicaragua Asylum

Ex-Panamanian President Martinelli Granted Nicaragua Asylum

Nicaragua Asylum was granted to former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, who recently..

Panama’s Former President Starts Campaign Despite Verdict

Panama’s Ex-President Campaigns Even After Verdict

Former President Ricardo Martinelli has defied all odds and launched his political..

New Direct Flights between Costa Rica and Texas

New Direct Flights between Costa Rica and Texas by Spirit

Spirit Airlines is excited to announce the launch of new daily direct..


New Panama Drug Law – Key Updates & Impact on Medication

On February 1, 2024, Panama witnessed a landmark advancement in healthcare reform..

sustainable tourism in Panama

Sustainable Tourism in Panama – The New Eco-Friendly Way

Welcome to Panama, where sustainable tourism is taking center stage, offering travelers..

panama immigration policy and law

An Introduction to Panama Immigration Policy and Law

Panama, a country known for its booming economy and political stability, has..

first waste recycling plant opens in alajuela in Costa rica

Alajuela’s First Waste Recycling Plant Launches in Costa Rica

Alajuela, a province in Costa Rica, has taken a significant leap forward..

Costa Rica Urges Water Saving Measures

Costa Rica Urges Water Saving Amid Impending Drought Threats

Costa Rica Urges Water Saving for residents, businesses, and industry groups to..

U.S.A. Expands Territory

U.S.A. Expands Territory by One Million Sq Km

In a historic move, the United States has officially expanded its geographical..

Smoke over Panama City From Cerro Patacón

Cerro Patacón Blaze Engulfs Panama City in Smoke

Panama City is currently grappling with a thick haze of smoke caused..

Panama Canal Severe Droughts $700M Impact

Panama Canal Severe Droughts – $700M Impact

Panama Canal Severe Droughts have caused significant disruptions to the operations of..

Costa Rica Airport Runway Will Get A $36M Update

Costa Rica Airport Runway Set for $36M Upgrade

Costa Rica Airport – Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia is..

22-million-year-old forest found in the Panama Canal

Ancient 22-Million-Year-Old Forest Found in the Panama Canal

A team of scientists has made a remarkable discovery in the Panama..

Manzanillo on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast unveiles a new accessible beach

New Accessible Beach Unveiled in Manzanillo, Costa Rica

The idyllic beach town of Manzanillo on Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast..

european nations now with the most powerful passport

European Nations Now with the Most Powerful Passport in the World

European nations now with the most powerful passport: European nations have emerged..

Protesting First Quantum Mine in Panama continues

Unrest Persists: Protesting First Quantum Mine in Panama continues

The ongoing protests against mining show no signs of abating, as protesting..

condo beach

Ocean Waves Condo: An Amazing Investment Opportunity:

Looking for an amazing investment opportunity in the charming coastal town of..

Uber, Didi and InDriver - Best Ridesharing in Costa Rica

Best Ridesharing Apps in Costa Rica: Uber, Didi, InDriver

When it comes to convenient and affordable transportation in Costa Rica, ridesharing..

best waterfalls in panama and costa rica

Top Waterfalls in Panama and Costa Rica to Visit

Explore the best waterfalls in Panama and Costa Rica, from hidden gems..

2024 card Payment changes with Credit or Debit Card in Costa Rica

2024 Credit/Debit Card Payment Changes in Costa Rica

Starting January 1st, 2024, customers in Costa Rica will experience significant card..

electronic invoice - factura electrónica mandatory in Panama in 2024

Mandatory in Panama 2024 – Electronic Invoice – Factura Electrónica

It is 2024, and Panama is introducing a mandatory electronic invoice system..

Nature in Panama now has legal rights

Nature in Panama Now Granted Legal Rights

Panama has made history by becoming one of the first countries to..

2023 Investment Climate Statements: Panama

2023 US Investment Climate Statements: Panama Overview

Welcome to our comprehensive overview of the investment climate in Panama for..

Added Security to Costa Rica Beach Samara

Enhanced Safety Measures at Costa Rican Beach Sámara

The local Chamber of Tourism in Costa Rica’s Playa Sámara has partnered..

Netflix's "Wild Babies” secures an Emmy Award with focus on biodiversity

Netflix’s “Wild Babies” Wins Emmy: Celebrating Biodiversity in Costa Rica

In a momentous achievement for Netflix, the nature documentary “Wild Babies” has..

Delta’s New LAX-Liberia Flight

Delta’s New LAX-Liberia Flight Takes Off – Guanacaste as Destination

Exciting news for travelers! Delta Airlines has launched a new direct flight..

Costa Rica – El Salvador Ferry Suspends Operations After 4 Months

Costa Rica – El Salvador Ferry Halts After Only 4 Months of Operations

After just four months since its launch, the Costa Rica–El Salvador ferry..

Canada joins the Apostille Convention

Canada Joins the Apostille Convention (finally!) – What does that mean?

Canada has some exciting news for its citizens and businesses. Starting from..

buying and selling a business in costa rica

Buying and Selling a Business in Costa Rica with Insights from Tesoro Tico – A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the established enterprise landscape of Costa Rica offers a unique opportunity..

how to move to panama

How to Move to Panama Easily – Your Ultimate Guide

Panama is considered one of the best expat destinations in the world…

panama elections 2024

Panama Elections 2024: National Impact and Outlook

With roughly a year to go before Panama’s upcoming general election in..

Immigrating to Panama

Immigrating to Panama: Retirement and a New Lifestyle

In March of 2019, I made a life-changing decision immigrating to Panama,..

Panama Mine Workers Voluntary Retirement

Announcing Voluntary Retirement for Panama Mine Workers

The Canadian company First Quantum Minerals has introduced a voluntary retirement plan..

2023 officially is the hottest year on record - Panama and Costa Rica

2023 Hottest Year on Record in Panama & Costa Rica, plus pretty much elsewhere

According to multiple sources, including the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) and the..

Tamales in Panama and Costa Rica – A Christmas Tradition

Tamales in Panama and Costa Rica – A Christmas Tradition

Tamales hold a significant place in the Christmas celebrations of Panama and..

Costa Rica Exchange Rate Hits 9-Year High Versus US Dollar

Costa Rica Exchange Rate Hits 9-Year High Versus US Dollar

The Costa Rican exchange rate against the US dollar has reached its..

Carnival, Panama, preparing, 2024, celebrations

2024 Carnival Celebrations, Panama Gears Up – Preparing to Thrill!

Panama, a country known for its vibrant culture and rich traditions, is..

American dream for some is leaving the U.S.A.

The American Dream for Some is Leaving the U.S.A.: A New Perspective

The United States has long been seen as the ultimate immigration destination..

Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Experience Pure Ecotourism in Costa Rica: A Green Adventure

Costa Rica is renowned for its commitment to ecotourism, making it the..

panama canal

Bridging 2 Oceans: The Remarkable Panama Canal Shaped Global Trade

The Panama Canal bridged two oceans,  forever changing sea commerce. In this..


A Comparison on Legal Immigration: Costa Rica and Panama

In this article, we do an in-depth comparison of legal immigration in..


Fingerprinting: Evolved Applications, Impact and Concerns, as well for Expats

The world of biometric identification has always been fascinating, and among its..

Immigration Trends in Costa Rica and Panama

Astonishing Immigration Trends in Costa Rica and Panama 2023

Especially in 2023, Central America, particularly Costa Rica and Panama, has become..

End of the mining crisis in Panama

End of the problematic mining crisis in Panama ?! Law 406 ruled unconstitutional

In a landmark decision that has sent ripples across both environmental and..

A Foreigner’s Guide to Driver’s License: Panama and Costa Rica

Welcome to our comprehensive foreigners guide to on obtaining a driver’s license..

Panama vote

Panama’s Political Stability: Past Insights and Future Outlook

Panama has been recognized for it’s political stability. In this section, we..

Experience Christmas in Panama

Experience Christmas in Panama: Enjoying a Tropical Wonderland

Escape to a tropical paradise this holiday season and experience Christmas in..

legalization or apostille

Understanding Legalization or Apostille: Your Legal Guide

When moving to another country, obtaining legal residency often requires the authentication..

Several stone spheres of the Diquís exhibited at Museo Nacional de Costa Rica. For comparison purpose, the image on the wall shows the diameter of the biggest recorded stone sphere, 2.66 metres (8.7 ft) - taken from wikipedia

Stone Spheres of Costa Rica – Unveiling the Mystery

The stone spheres of Costa Rica, also known as the Diquís Spheres,..

Panama, mobile phone companies, plans, costs, costa rica, coverage,

Mobile Phone Companies: Panama and Costa Rica – The local Advantage

Planning a trip to Panama and Costa Rica and wondering about mobile..

tropical fruits from Costa Rica and Panama

Exploring Tropical Fruits from Costa Rica and Panama

Welcome to our tropical fruit adventure! In this article, we’ll take you..

Safety during the Panama Protests, how safe is it for foreigners

Important Safety during the Panama Protests for Foreigners

Safety during the Panama Protests for Foreigners visiting Panama need to be..

earthquakes in panama and costa Rica

Understanding Earthquakes in Panama and Costa Rica: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on earthquakes in Panama and Costa Rica,..

dual citizenship costa rica

Dual Citizenship Costa Rica – Unlock Your Freedom

Dual citizenship Costa Rica offers numerous benefits, including access to healthcare, education,..

Immigration and the Apostille requirement

Understanding Immigration and the Apostille Requirement on Vital Documents

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Immigration and the Apostille requirement for vital..

tiny lotter

Tiny Lottery in Costa Rica – A very local Expat Experience

Costa Rica is a country known for its natural beauty, friendly people,..

Uber in Panama

Uber in Panama City – Navigating the Capital

Panama City, the vibrant capital of Panama, is a bustling metropolis known..

Ecommerce in Panama

Ecommerce in Panama: My Personal Odyssey

As an entrepreneur in Panama, I embarked on a journey into the..


The Enchanting Charm of Coronado, Panama: A Haven of Benefits

Coronado, Panama, nestled along the captivating shores of the Pacific Ocean, is..

Microclimates of Panama

Astonishing Weather Secrets – 7 Microclimates of Panama

You’ve possibly already heard the words “Microclimates of Panama” used in a..

Casco Viejo Fishing and Whale Watching

Community Voices – Casco Viejo, Fishing and Whale Watching

At Expat-Tations we are all about supporting YOU the Expat community. As..

Will is Essential in Panama and Costa Rica

Why a Will is Essential in Panama and Costa Rica for Expats

Why a Will is Essential in Panama and Costa Rica for Expats:..

Panama Investor Category

Unlock Opportunities: Invest, Thrive, and Reside with Panama’s Investor Category

Panama’s Dynamic Growth and Investor-Friendly Policies Nestled in Central America, Panama has..

Running a Corporation

Achieve Success in Running a Corporation: Costa Rica and Panama

Running a corporation successfully involves navigating legal complexities, strategic decisions, and fostering..

Fingerprinting to get a FBI Background Check

Don’t want to travel to the US for Fingerprinting to get a FBI Background Check?

Fingerprinting to get a FBI Background Check Without Leaving Paradise: A Hassle-Free..

Beach Getaway in Panama

Escaping the City: Discovering Casa Caracol, a Unique Beach Getaway in Panama

Escaping Panama City and finding a Beach Getaway in Panama, is something..

Document Authentication in Costa Rica and Panama

Simple & Trusted Foreign Document Authentication in Costa Rica and Panama


Living in Panama

Living in Panama offers a multitude of advantages

Living in Panama offers a multitude of advantages and a few drawbacks..

Estate Planning Guide for US Expats in Panama

Cross-Border Estate Planning Guide for US Expats in Panama

Planning your estate as a US expat living in Panama requires careful..

Panama Healthcare System

Exploring the Panama Healthcare System: A Comprehensive Guide for Expats

Discover the tropical isthmus of Panama, bridging North and South America, famous..

panama property tax

Panama Property Taxes: Exemptions, Rates, and Tips

Navigating property taxes in Panama can be a confusing task, with conflicting..

Panama's Visa Options and Residency Programs

Panama’s Visa Options and Residency Programs

Panama’s Visa Options and Residency Programs Panama offers a range of permanent..

best beaches in panama

10 of the Best Beaches Near Panama City

Discovering the Top Beaches near Panama City Panama is renowned for its..

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