ricardo batres
Immigration and Corporate Lawyer
Experience More than 5+ years


Ricardo Batres – Immigration and Corporate Lawyer

Ricardo has had a very varied career, both in the academic world and in the professional. He began studying Law and Political Sciences in Universidad Catolica Santa Maria la Antigua in Panama, where he found he also had a passion for the study of the crime phenomena. As a result, as soon as he earned his Law degree, he moved to Tallahassee, Florida, where he enrolled into Florida State University’s College of Criminology and Criminal Justice. It was during his time there that he discovered he had an aptitude for analytical thinking and an eye for details, which helped him work on research projects focusing on various sociological issues using the scientific method.

After graduating with high marks and earning a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Criminology and a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in International Affairs, he returned to Panama and started working for the Ministry of Public Security of Panama, where he helped devise strategies to address crime and worked alongside analogous international organizations to tackle national security and legal issues. He has also worked as a corporate lawyer and has experience in the fields of Intellectual Property Law and Immigration Law.
Ricardo has had a big passion for martial arts his whole life and has been a practitioner of different sports like Karate, Hap Ki Do, Jiu Jitsu, and Kendo, having practiced this last one for more than 20 years. Ricardo is also a proud Shriner, part of a philanthropic international organization that helps children with orthopedic problems or burn victims, have their necessary treatments in one of several of the Shriners Hospitals in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, that specialize in these treatments.
As a result of the multitude of interests, studies, and hobbies Ricardo has, he has developed a wealth of knowledge in various topics, ranging from Politics, Law, Sociology, to Criminology, Psychology, Genetics. A conversation with Ricardo could start with examining the legal consequences of jurisprudence history in Panama and ending up touching on the sociopolitical intricacies resulting from international occurrences. He has a curiosity for all subject matters, and an ever-growing appetite for knowledge that impulses him as a professional.

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