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Order US Document Legalization online for use in Costa Rica or Panama. Contact us for other places.

Document legalization in the United States refers to the process of authenticating or certifying a document to ensure its validity and legitimacy, especially when it needs to be used in a foreign country. Legalization is often required for various types of documents, such as educational diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, legal agreements, and more, when they need to be presented to foreign authorities, organizations, or entities.

It’s important to note that your document legalization must be precisely in the form as requested by the local Immigration. Failure to provide the correct format could result in delays and even rejection of your residency application. Therefore, we will abide by all immigration regulations and standards strictly.

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Time Frames – Document Legalization

Documents procured from the US are taking a bit longer to be legalized than normal due to the ongoing aftermath of the global pandemic crisis. While we do our best to expedite, wait times have increased to about 2-4 weeks, depending on the document type. Especially because the apostille / legalization process is entirely separate of the procurement of the document itself involving possible other government institutions.  We ask you to kindly take these timeframes into consideration.

Document Legalization is often required for immigration applications, for applicants age 18 or older.


Depending on the details of your purchase we might need additional data to process your documents. After purchase we will contact you with a form to be filled out for possible extra information. Please monitor your inbox and also the spam folders within the following 72 hours.

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