FBI Background Check with Apostille – Translation – Shipment and More


Order an apostilled and translated FBI background check online for use in Costa Rica or Panama. Contact us for other places.

Background checks require in-person digital fingerprinting for the person named in the document. This can either happen in our office in Panama or Costa Rica or via a visit through one of our agents. We have an option available for anyone. Our goal is to serve all Expats, immigrants and other people in need for this service.

Currently we are the only ones offering this service within 24 hours in the country due to our very own in-house software for fingerprinting. Feel free to contact us for details and special pricing!

This is an all-inclusive package geared towards expats overseas including:

  • overseas shipping cost
  • local shipping cost
  • translations
  • legalization / notarisation
  • authentication
  • apostille
  • handling
  • possible agent visits
  • fingerprinting and more



Time Frames – FBI Background Check

We currently can procure the FBI background check withing 24 to 48 hours, which then only has the apostille and translation process added. Contact us for more information.

FBI background checks are required for immigration applications in Costa Rica or Panama, for applicants age 18 or older.


Depending on the details of your purchase we might need additional data to process your documents. After purchase we will contact you with a form to be filled out for possible extra information. Please monitor your inbox and also the spam folders within the following 72 hours.

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