Pensioner – Jubilado Discount with Air France and other Airlines? Yes, but not without Challenges.


Brian is a customer who has used our concierge services.  He asked about booking the Jubilado Discount with Air France and other airlines.  We provided him with the details that Air France gave us.  His experience was vastly different than what Air France suggested, and his experience was long and frustrating. We hope by highlighting the extensive process Brian went through, we’ll be able to more fully inform clients of both the ability to apply the Jubilado Discount while making them aware of the challenges and process required to do so. The outline below gives a general structure possibly applicable for other airlines as well. In the future we’ll have a section on our website just for this.


Narrated by Brian

My experience with booking a flight with Air France and applying the Jubilado Discount, which is a 25% discount on the Base Fare, was quite an adventure. Let me walk you through the steps I took, complete with numbers for reference.

  1. Contacting Air France: Initially, I found two telephone numbers provided by Air France for making reservations using the Jubilado Discount: +507-833-6171 and +507-833-9698 . However, this part of the journey was riddled with difficulties. I encountered issues such as disconnected numbers, no one picking up, automated bots, and frustrating dropped calls. It felt like hitting a dead-end.
  2. Using WhatsApp: Thankfully, Air France has a business WhatsApp number, +33 699385720. This was a better option for getting answers to my queries. However, it’s important to note that they can’t and won’t assist you in making an actual booking.
  3. Email Correspondence: Air France also provided an email address specific to Panama: The good news is that these folks are quite responsive. The not-so-good news is that they will still direct you to make the booking online or through the problematic call center numbers mentioned earlier.
  4. Booking Online: I attempted to make the booking online, but here’s where it got tricky. They claim there’s an option to “apply payment” later when booking online. However, this option wasn’t available on their website when booking a ticket originating from PTY (Panama City). To proceed, I had no choice but to pay the 72 Hour Hold Fee, which is non-refundable. This was necessary to generate a Passenger Name Record (PNR).
  5. Emailing Documentation: After paying the fee, I had to send an email to, attaching my cedula and passport along with the generated PNR. This was a crucial step to get the Jubilado Discount applied.
  6. Payment Application: Surprisingly, even after the email confirmation, I received instructions to call the non-functioning call center numbers to apply the payment. I took a different route and went to the Panama Air France website. Under the “Manage Bookings” tab, I ensured that the new, discounted amount was due on this ticket, and I applied the payment there.
  7. Choosing the Panama Version: A critical note to remember is that the reservation MUST be made on the Panama version of the Air France website. If you don’t, they claim they won’t be able to apply the Jubilado Discount. Always use the Panama version to book your flight. They have a way of tracing your PNR back to the point of purchase to verify this.

airplane flight


Process with the greatest likelihood of success (By Expat-Tations)


  1. Contact Air France:
    • Dial +507-833-6171 or +507-833-9698 for reservations.
    • Be prepared for potential difficulties in reaching a live agent.
  1. WhatsApp for Queries:
    • Use Air France’s business WhatsApp number, +33 699385720, for inquiries.
    • Note that they won’t assist in making the actual booking.
  1. Email Correspondence:
  1. Online Booking:
    • Attempt to book online, but be aware that the “apply payment later” option may not be available.
    • You might need to pay the non-refundable 72 Hour Hold Fee to generate a PNR.
  1. Email Documentation:
  1. Payment Application:
    • Instead of calling non-functioning numbers, go to the Panama Air France website.
    • Under the “Manage Bookings” tab, ensure the discounted amount is due and apply payment.
  1. Choose the Panama Version:
    • Crucially, make your reservation on the Panama version of the Air France website to qualify for the Jubilado Discount.
    • They trace the PNR to verify the point of purchase

Conclusion – Jubilado discount with Air France and other Airlines

In conclusion, booking a flight with Air France and applying the Jubilado discount with Air France and other Airlines, is a challenging process, but by following these steps and persevering through the hurdles, you can hopefully navigate it successfully. While never guaranteed, remember it’s Panama, and with perseverance, it is possible. Feel free to use this guide as well to apply to other airlines or contact us for more information on the jubilado discount. Local airlines for example, like Copa from experience apply the discount gladly in their local offices. Bon voyage!


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