Community Voices – Casco Viejo, Fishing and Whale Watching

At Expat-Tations we are all about supporting YOU the Expat community. As our name already implies we are setting the expectation to make this journey a pleasant one and our job is to provide you with the necessary guidance along the way, so you can have the best experience there is. With that being said, we are committed to fostering a robust international community, establishing valuable partnerships and facilitating networks both locally and globally. This all to keep you updated with the latest news, discussions, and trends that can impact life in Panama, whether you’re a traveler, a long-term resident, or someone simply intrigued by this fascinating country.

Community Collaboration

We are thrilled to announce our collaborative alliance with the Facebook group ” 🇵🇦 Panama City, Panama Travel Forum 🇵🇦 ” an inclusive Facebook group that caters to both English and Spanish speakers. This collaboration aims to enrich your experience by offering an unrestricted platform where everyone is free to ask questions and share insights. We invite you to visit the group through the link title above.

From now on we will regularly curate and compile the most engaging and valuable posts from “🇵🇦 Panama City, Panama Travel Forum 🇵🇦” making it convenient for you to find the information you need, access the posts directly and read the most current comments of other members.


“Locking up the past, looking into the future”

Francisco Mora, a member of this group, posted a beautiful photo from Casco Viejo, Panamas old town. Looking from the old town to the illuminated modern skyline.

Feel free to read the comments and find out more about Casco Viejo by following this link.



Fishing in Panama

Recently questions about fishing and sport fishing in Panama have come up. Feel free to chime in with your knowledge about fishing or read new comments that have been added. Remember though to always double check regulations with the local authorities. Social Media does not replace actual legal advice.

Dimka asked: Hello! In February we are planning to visit Panama. My husband is a fisherman and would like to go fishing. Is it allowed to go fishing from the cost alone without a guide? Is it needed to pay any tax or ticket?

fishing panama


Whale Watching in Panama

Whale watching is a fun activity and one of the marvels that Central America has to offer.

Joanna asked: My partner and I are desperate to go whale watching while in Panama, but we don’t arrive until midday 10th August and leave early on the 12th

We have found a company that will take us on Thursday 11th August, but he would like more people to join. So if anyone wants to come whale watching with two Brits, please get in touch.

Alternatively, if anyone knows any company’s that do tours not on weekends, that would also be great.

Follow this link to know more about the recent whale watching discussion.

whale watching


Happy International Visitors

Gina Rivera writes that she is from Peru and coming to Panama was a dream come true for her. By the interactions with this post, we can clearly tell that she is not the only one.

If you have any comments or would like to read more, click her to get straight to the post.

gina rivera


Conclusion – Casco Viejo, Fishing and Whale Watching

This recompilation is our first one of many more to come. Our partnership with the “🇵🇦 Panama City, Panama Travel Forum 🇵🇦” Facebook group amplifies our combined commitment to providing you with valuable information and insights in both English and even some Spanish.

From the nostalgic charm of Casco Viejo to the adventurous pursuits of fishing and whale watching, our curated posts ensure you don’t miss out on what matters most to you. This time we’ve tackled questions about fishing regulations, offered leads on whale watching opportunities, and spotlighted the positive experiences of international visitors like Gina from Peru. Click through our links to delve deeper into these topics and join the conversations.

We invite you to stay connected, share your own experiences, and let us be your guide to an exciting journey in Panama. Join directly in the group, leave comments below or feel free to contact us if you have questions related to immigration or more. Thank you for being a part of our community!





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