Escaping the City: Discovering Casa Caracol, a Unique Beach Getaway in Panama

Escaping Panama City and finding a Beach Getaway in Panama, is something most of us dream of doing. While the city is a fun vibrant weekend playground, Panama as a country has so much more to offer. It is a country full of beaches, islands, mountains, waterfalls and more. Choosing a destination can be daunting and time consuming. I enjoy leaving the city on Friday Evening or Saturday morning and going for 1 or 2 nights. This means if I don’t want to spend my weekend driving, I must look for spots 1-2 hours outside of the city.

Discovering Casa Caracol: A Bespoke Beach Getaway in Panama – Playa Corona

This weekend I decided to go with friends to the beach. I was looking specifically for a unique destination, with a property that offered more of an experience rather than simply accommodation. I didn’t want to live in a high rise (I live in a high rise in the city) and didn’t want a mass hotel that caters to families. I wanted a smaller more bespoke place that had character and offered something special and unusual with privacy and the ability to prepare a meal or two if I wanted. I also wanted to be on the beach and hear the amazing sound of waves crashing into the shore. In sum…I wanted it all. And I found it. The place – Casa Caracol.

Cozy and Characterful Accommodations

This small hotel (if you call it a hotel) is a unique property located right on the beach with unblemished views of the ocean and with the full sound of the waves crashing on the beach in Playa Corona. Casa Caracol is composed of mini apartments (8 in total) in various sizes, each with its own balcony large enough to sit and drink your wine while watching the sunset. The rooms vary in size…. some rooms are combined with the sizable kitchen (large enough to comfortably cook a meal) and small seating area, and of course the balcony. Others are larger with a separate bedroom, kitchen, living room and balcony. And there is one small room (cozy and comfortable) with a nice balcony. Some of the rooms have outdoor showers, and it’s a thrill to shower outside while watching the ocean and seeing people running on the beach. It’s tempting to stay under the warm water showers watching the world go by, but then you remember that there is plenty to do besides people watch while taking a shower. Comfortable and cozy, Casa Caracol provides a comfortable and stylish place by which to anchor your beach visit.

casa caracol

A Peaceful Beachfront

There are few people on the pleasant beach, and it is accessible by steps from Casa Caracol. A minute from your door and you are dipping your toes into the warm soft waters of the Pacific Ocean. You can elect to set yourself up on the beach, with your seating towels, and umbrella and lazily read your book or doze while listening to the waves. If you are too lazy to take the 4 steps to the beach, you can sit on the prepared chairs Casa Caracol hason a beach platform overlooking the beach. The chairs offer large palm sunshades, ensuring you don’t get burned or too hot. If you want to wander the beach, you are free to do that. We saw our neighbors bring out their paddle board and paddle away in the warm ocean, only to return a couple of hours later, positioned in front of the beach in the water, relaxed after the vigor of their exercise in the warm waves of the water. Unless you leave altogether, you can’t escape those soothing sounds of the waves.

casa caracol

Exploring the Surroundings

The first night we arrived we immediately broke out the wine, and each of us had prepared a dish, so we ate dinner on the balcony, cool glasses of wine to accompany, and enjoyed the cool breezes. Gone were the honking and bustle of Ave Balboa, replaced by the calm of the ocean, the country breezes, and the silence that comes with being with nature. By the second day we had forgotten the city and had settled into beach life. We took a stroll and later waded into the water for a warm swim. After another glass of wine, we decided to head out to dinner. Casa Caracol is not in a town, and if you want to explore – a car is necessary. We were surprised that along the highway there were fun little restaurants and fondas. But we wanted something more exotic. We choose instead to head toPlaya Blanca, about 25 minutes from Casa Caracol. There we found a couple of amazing beach restaurants, Restaurant Blue Beach Panama, and Pipas Beach Restaurant. Both were right on the sandy beach, both had amazing hand made drinks, and both had delicious selections of seafood. Both offered sunset views for those Instragram moments. And both had staff that were pleasant, friendly and helpful. We enjoyed our drinks and appetizers but then we couldn’t resist. We stopped at the pizza place, Calola Food Market – where the best pizza since Italy is located – and it really was delicious.

In all, we had the perfect balance, great experience, beautiful accommodation that was unique and different, while meeting all our needs for a warm comfortable get away from the hustle and bustle of the city just 2 and a half hours away. Keep checking our blog for more or even contact us with your own stories.

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