Geisha Coffee Wins International Tasting in ‘Best of Panama’

The Elida Geisha Natural from the Torre Lamastus Family Estates scored big in Panama’s ‘Best of Panama’ event. It won first place this weekend in Boquete. This area is known for growing expensive coffees. It’s highlighted once more by its top-notch geisha coffee.

This year, the Lamastus family’s coffee earned an outstanding 95.13 points. This makes it the best in the natural Geisha category. It also took home the ‘Best of Panama’ Cup for receiving the most points. This win speaks volumes about the amazing Panamanian coffee. It’s loved by coffee experts worldwide for its unique qualities.

Key Takeaways

  • The Elida Geisha Natural Torre Lamastus Family Estates lot won the prestigious ‘Best of Panama’ international tasting event.
  • The Lamastus family’s lot scored an impressive 95.13 out of 100, crowning it the champion of natural Geisha coffees.
  • Panamanian coffee, particularly the renowned Geisha variety, is renowned for its exceptional quality and flavors.
  • The ‘Best of Panama’ event is a highly competitive and prestigious coffee competition that showcases the best of Panamanian coffee.
  • The triumph of Panamanian Geisha coffee at this international event highlights the country’s dedication to coffee excellence.

The Ultimate Coffee Tasting Competition

The ‘Best of Panama’ is a top annual coffee event. It’s organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP). They work on producing top-quality coffee. The event includes 64 international and 21 national judges. They carefully assess 180 Panamanian coffee lots to honor the best.

Prestigious ‘Best of Panama’ Event

Coffee lovers and experts worldwide eagerly await the ‘Best of Panama’. This year, 7,560 kilograms (about 16,666.78 pounds) of coffee were submitted. There were 57 lots in the washed Geisha category, 61 in natural Geisha, and 62 in varietals. These entries show the variety and high quality of Panamanian coffee.

Showcasing Exceptional Panamanian Coffee

This competition is a stage for Panamanian coffee’s excellence. From the famous Geisha variety to other unique kinds, Panamanian coffee shines. It shows the world that Panama produces outstanding coffee.

Geisha Coffee Steals the Show

In the natural Geisha category, the Elida Geisha Natural Torre Lamastus Family Estates took first place. It scored 95.13 out of 100, making it the top Geisha coffees. This Panamanian coffee showed why the Geisha variety is so famous. It’s known for its amazing quality and taste, making it a award-winning favorite worldwide.

Elida Geisha Natural Tops the Competition

The Carmen Geisha Especial Natural lot by Carmen Estate placed second. In third was the Altieri Geisha Satori DFC Mima Estate by the Altieri Family. These results highlight Panamanian Geisha coffees as great contenders. They show how serious Panama is about making top exceptional specialty coffee.

Remarkable Score of 95.13 out of 100

The Elida Geisha Natural Torre Lamastus Family Estates achieved a compelling score of 95.13. It stands out for its superb quality and flavor. This win reflects the Lamastus family’s hard work. They are known for producing the finest Panamanian specialty coffee.

Geisha Coffee Varieties Shine

The ‘Best of Panama’ contest showed off the wonderful geisha coffee from Panama. It highlighted the great taste from both natural and washed geisha. The winners in these categories proved why Panamanian coffee is so valued in the world of specialty coffee.

Natural and Washed Geisha Categories

The Kaisen Finca Larayne won first in the washed geisha section with 95.5 points. Second place went to the Olympus Finca Sophia lot, and Café Gallardo’s Nuguo Washed took third.

Top Contenders and Their Flavors

Judges in the natural and washed geisha spots experienced the full range of coffee flavors. The best picks had a mix of fruit, flower, and sweet tastes. They impressed coffee experts from all over the world.

geisha coffee wins international tasting in ‘Best of Panama’

The Elida Geisha Natural coffee from the Torre Lamastus Family Estates won big. It got a 95.13 score in the ‘Best of Panama’ competition for natural Geisha coffees. This win shows how amazing and in-demand Panamanian Geisha coffee is in the world.

The Lamastus family’s coffee did exceptionally well at the ‘Best of Panama’. Winning with such a high score is rare and it’s proof of the unique soil and careful farming in Panama. These factors make Panamanian specialty coffee loved by coffee fans worldwide.

This victory is not just about this Panamanian coffee lot. It’s a win for the whole country and its dedication to making top-quality award-winning coffee. It also shows the ongoing progress and high standards in the Panamanian coffee scene. The hard work of everyone involved, like farmers and the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama, is clearly paying off.

geisha coffee

Breaking Records: Black Moon Constellation

The Black Moon Constellation Chiroso lot broke a historic record at the Panamanian coffee contest. It scored an amazing 94.13 points. This shows how the industry is really trying to find and enjoy the unique tastes in Panamanian coffee.

Stunning Score of 94.13 for Varietal Coffee

The Semper Dilectio Jilgueros Holding Inc. Mil Cumbres came second in the varietals category. And the Pacamara Lavado from Feryen Estate got third. These results highlight the great quality and range of Panamanian coffee types in this top coffee competition.

Pushing Boundaries with Unique Flavors

The event showcased unique tastes and got outstanding scores. It’s leading the way in Panamanian coffee excellence. These award-winning coffee lots prove the incredible skill and creativity in the country’s specialty coffee scene. They’ve got everyone’s attention with their outstanding quality and new ideas.

Judging the Best of Panama

The ‘Best of Panama’ event gathered top coffee experts. They looked at the best special coffees from Panama. The head judge, Will Young from Australia, loved the coffee’s high quality.

International Panel of Experts

Will Young was amazed by the Panamanian coffees. He gave a Geisha cup 99.5 points, saying it had lots of fruit and flowers. This made him think it was really special.

Identifying Exceptional Flavors and Qualities

Judges from China and Japan were also blown away. They found a special washed Geisha cup with strong, clean flavors. Each coffee was looked at closely. They found the little details that made the winners really stand out.

coffee competition

The Specialized Coffee Association of Panama

The ‘Best of Panama’ event is held by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP). This group works on the panamanian coffee. SCAP is key in the world of coffee farming by encouraging new ideas and pushing specialty coffee from Panama globally.

Driving Innovation in Coffee Farming

SCAP highlights Panamanian specialty coffee, especially the Geisha kind. They focus on new farming and processing technology. These efforts are showing the world just how good Panama’s coffee can be.

Promoting Panamanian Coffee Excellence

The ‘Best of Panama’ contest lets SCAP share Panama’s top-notch panamanian coffee with everyone. They are committed to showing off Panama’s best coffee. This has helped make Panamanian coffee very popular worldwide.

Panama’s Coffee Industry Rising

The coffee industry in Panama is growing fast. It started small but has become well known worldwide. Even though, coffee makes up only a tiny part of Panama’s economy, its specialty Geisha coffee lets it join the luxury coffee market, especially in Asia.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition

In the last two decades, Panamanian coffee producers have gained big achievements. They have won top prizes at the ‘Best of Panama’ contest. This has lifted the price of their specialty coffee from $2 per pound to a staggering $10,005 per kilogram in 2023.

Entering the Luxury Coffee Market

The journey of Panama’s coffee industry to the gourmet coffee market shows their dedication. They focus on innovation, quality, and showcasing their excellent coffee land.

The Terroir of Panamanian Coffee

Panamanian coffee is known worldwide for its exceptional quality and flavors. It all starts with the country’s special geography and climate. Places like Boquete in the mountains are perfect for growing top-notch coffee, such as the Geisha variety.

Unique Geography and Climate

The right mix of high elevation, soil, and local weather help create Panamanian coffee’s unique tastes. In Boquete, the high altitude, mild climate, and fertile volcanic earth come together perfectly. This makes it great for growing some of the best coffee beans in the world.

Nurturing Exceptional Flavors

In areas like Boquete, the environment is just right for coffee plants to flourish. They grow and develop into coffee with amazing flavors. You can taste everything from flowery and fruity hints to deep chocolate and caramel notes. Panama’s coffee terroir truly offers a wide variety of flavor experiences.


Panamanian Geisha coffee won big at the ‘Best of Panama’ competition. This victory shows Panama’s top-notch coffee making. The high scores and unique tastes at the event prove Panamanian coffee, especially the Geisha type, is world-class. It’s now known as one of the best and priciest specialty coffees.

The story of Panamanian coffee from its start to the luxury market is inspiring. This journey highlights the industry’s focus on being the best and showcasing the country’s unique coffee lands. Winning these awards not only recognizes Panama’s top coffee but also shows how serious the country is about its high-quality specialty coffee.

Today, the Panamanian coffee industry keeps working hard to bring new and top-notch Geisha coffee and other specialties to the table. This effort confirms its special place for coffee fans and experts everywhere.


What is the Elida Geisha Natural Torre Lamastus Family Estates lot?

The Elida Geisha Natural Torre Lamastus Family Estates lot won the top prize at the ‘Best of Panama’ event. It scored 95.13 out of 100. This made it the best natural Geisha coffee.

What is the ‘Best of Panama’ event?

The ‘Best of Panama’ is a yearly contest by the SCAP. It involves 64 global and 21 local judges. They look at 180 coffee lots, which includes those from the washed Geisha, natural Geisha, and varietals groups.

What other notable achievements were made at the ‘Best of Panama’ competition?

The Black Moon Farm’s Black Moon Constellation Chiroso set a new record with 94.13 points for varietal coffee. Also, the Semper Dilectio Jilgueros Holding Inc. Mil Cumbres from Mario Fonseca Imendia took second place for varietals.

How did the judges evaluate the competing coffees?

The judges carefully taste-tested each coffee, looking for special flavors and quality. Lead judge Will Young from Australia gave 99.5 points to one natural Geisha cup. He said it had lots of fruits and flowers, which he found very impressive.

What role does the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) play in the industry?

SCAP helps Panamanian coffee producers innovate and improve. It also markets Panama’s high-quality coffee worldwide. Thanks to SCAP, coffee from Panama, especially the Geisha kind, is well-known and valued globally.

How has the Panamanian coffee industry evolved over time?

In Panama, the coffee sector has grown from small to known globally. Although it’s a small part of the country’s economy, exports like Geisha have positioned Panama in the luxury coffee market.

What factors contribute to the exceptional quality and flavors of Panamanian coffee?

Panamanian coffee is special due to its unique environment. Places like Boquete have high mountains that are perfect for coffee. The mix of high altitude, soil, and weather creates the tasty and complex coffee flavors we love.

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